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Quiz On Current Affairs Jan 18, 2014

Today’s quiz deals with phobias, naval awards, latest scandals and scam. We offer you today’s update on current affairs, Sport championship news and interesting cricket facts! Everyone seems to be discussing celebrity deaths? Don’t feel left out! Go through our news update for today and attempt the little quiz we have for you, and you will be ready to be the star at today’s party. We also have compiled a multiple choice questionnaire {MCQ) from history, civics, law, geography, which will prepare you for the civil service exams, IBPS and any other competitive exam.Complete the below quiz of the day and click here for Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Today’s Current Affairs Quiz

1. Fish farmingName the first research Institute in the country to set up a poly house to increase breeding time during Fish farming.


2. social networking giantName the new feature brought out by Facebook, the social networking giant, to know the most discussed topics online?


3. Sanskrit professorName the Sanskrit professor from the United States who was awarded the certificate of Honor by the president of India recently for translating the Valmiki Ramayan into English?


4. HockeyWhich country beat Germany by 5-4 in a Hero Hockey World League Final match recently?


5. Pangasius“Formalin is being used in the preservation of Pangasius.”. what is Pangasius?


6. organsWhich newly notified and pending Act allows for swapping of organs and broadens the donor list in the original Act to include grandparents and grandchildren?


7. Microbes“Microbes generate at least half the oxygen we breathe”. True, or false?


8. Suchitra SenFor which movie was Suchitra Sen, notable actress awarded the 1963 Moscow Film Festival Best Actress Award?


9. MadagascarWhich former Finance Minister of the island nation of Madagascar became the President of the nation recently?


10. cricket stadiumWhere in Australia is the famous cricket stadium, The Gabba located?


11. Shashi Tharoor’sUnion Minister for Human resources, Dr. Shashi Tharoor’s wife was found dead in this hotel in New Delhi. Name the hotel.



womenWhat is fear of beautiful women called?



13. Ghulam Nabi AzadWhich plantation product was in rumored as likely to be banned by the Union Minister for Health Ghulam Nabi Azad after the recent case Ankur Gutka vs. Indian Asthma Care Society and Others?


14. Federation CupThe United SC scored its first victory in the Federation Cup recently. Which player emerged as its star delivering an unexpected winning goal?


15. Deccan Chargers in IPLWhich cricket player from Andhra, who represented Deccan Chargers in IPL, 2008 & Chargers in Champions League, 2009 recently announced his retirement after a career of 12 years?


16. Megamalai Wildlife SanctuaryWhere is the Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, famous for its Malabar Hornbills located?


17. naval bodyWhich naval body in India was awarded the Poorvi Nau Sena Kaman Rajbhasha Trophy for its dedication and brilliance in implementing the official language?


18. PayZippyName the online retailer company that is opening the payment solution firm PayZippy?


19. BengaliWhich famous Bengali actor, famous for her role as ‘Paro’ in Bimal Roy’s ‘Devdas’ of 1955 passed away recently?


20. Wax museumName the famous Wax museum in London that is famous for its figurines of celebrities, like Barack Obama, Michael Jackson and Amitabh Bachchan?



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